About Us

Hosting is fun. (Really!) And so are we. Learn more about who we are and why we do the things we do.

Astute Hosting was founded in April of 2007 in response to a growing demand for advanced Internet infrastructure configurations and custom designed solutions. We are a wholly Canadian-owned private corporation in B.C., Canada, operating out of the city of Vancouver. We are also registered as a foreign corporation in Washington State for our U.S. operations. We are not a reseller, we own 100% of our equipment and design and build our own systems (usually with the help of free or open source software). Since expanding into business internet, Astute Hosting is now also doing business as Astute Internet.

Overall, Astute is more than just a company. We see ourselves as architects who have a passion for simplicity and elegance, engineers who are experts at designing structures that are efficient and reliable, and builders of networks that are powerful and secure. Above all else, we see ourselves as visionaries for understanding and harnessing the power of the connections that exist between the Internet and businesses.