Point A to Point B.

Utilize dedicated links between your office(s) and/or servers for the most secure, high performance available. Our fibre solutions let you connect site A to site B with a dedicated layer 1 or 2 connection using fibre. We offer metro transport solutions using Ethernet, MPLS, and WDM for connecting sites within the same city. For connecting across multiple cities, we offer long haul solutions utilizing the Astute Internet backbone or leased fibre/wavelengths across Canada and the Western United States.

We use enterprise grade fiber in proper buried conduit, no aerial or surface inlay with 99.9% to 100% uptime SLA available, depending on location and selected service.

Metro Transport is currently offered in Vancouver. Long Haul is available to connect sites between Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Waves - from $600

1 transport wave
$600 /month
2 transport waves
$900 /month
4 transport waves
$1200 /month

* each additional wave after the 4th is $200 /month