Value Network

Our value network (ASN 63213) consists primarily of US routing and select Canadian routing. This network is recommended if most of your business is in the US. If you require full Canadian and US routing, please have a look at our premium network


Cogent is a tier-1 network with a major presence in US and Western Europe. They are also present in Mexico, Asia Pacific, and major cities in the Western and Eastern Canada.


(ASN 174)

  • 10Gbps in Vancouver
  • 10Gbps in Seattle

HE (Hurricane Electric) connects to 143 major peering exchanges world-wide and operates one of the largest IPv6 transit network globally. HE has a presence in major cities in Canada, US and Western Europe. Along Asia Pacific, it maintains a presence in South-East and East Asia. They are present in Sao Paulo in South America and Jonannesburg in Africa.

Now owned by GTT, Tinet's tier-1 network has been combined with GTT's own to create a global-spanning network . Their network covers the USA and Western Europe. Along the pacific they have a presence in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and Sydney, Australia.


(ASN 3257)

  • 10Gbps in Seattle